Empire Lanes: Arrival - Peter Gross This was an interesting comic from back in the day when black-and-white was a big trend and various fantasy titles were hitting the market. The premise is pretty basic: a group of adventurers from a fantasy world use a portal to escape from their enemies and end up in modern America, in a bowling alley no less, and hilarity ensues.

The adventurers are very much a take-off of the basic D&D party: the dour spellcaster, slightly unhinged cleric, a do-gooder Paladin, the halfling and gnome thief duo, and they are all led by a pretty tough version of the fantasy princess (she brow-beats the owner of the bowling alley into selling it to them). Despite the heavy use of gaming archetypes the characters were all fairly interesting and had some pretty intriguing reactions to apparently being stranded in our world. Each of them obviously had a back-story that sometimes peeks through and it's too bad that the series only lasted a few issues and didn't have time to develop, I would have liked to have seen where it was going.

The art was very nice and black-and-white suited it admirably (not always the case back in the day). I also liked the humour in the book: upon noticing that somehow one of the thieves was caught in a pin-setting machine after their arrival the Paladin dryly asks "Why are you torturing the halfling?"...well, I thought it was funny.

Sadly just as things were getting interesting (in the form of some actual personal conflict and the appearance of a bad-ass sorceress-assassin) no more issues were produced. *sigh* The travails of an indie-comic lover.