Hull Zero Three - Greg Bear _Hull Zero Three_ is a pretty solid 3-star sci-fi story. It’s my first read of anything by Greg Bear, and while I wasn’t exactly blown away I’ll keep my eye out for other stuff by him in the future. The novel follows the first person account of a newly awakened passenger on a seedship headed towards a destination as yet unknown. The sequence that opens the novel followed by the disorienting waking of the passenger is well done and immediately immerses the reader into the dangerous world of Ship.

The majority of the novel plays out as a kind of scientific mystery tinged with horror as the newly awakened crewman, soon dubbed “Teacher” by his saviour, is immediately thrust into a race to find out not only the purpose of the huge ship he has found himself aboard, but the reason for why everything seems to have gone so horribly wrong. As Teacher and his growing group of companions race across the giant hull in an attempt to “follow heat” and live with a constant spin up and spin down of gravity to which they must become accustomed, they also have to avoid the Factors, giant creatures created by Ship to keep things in order…unfortunately that apparently also means terminating any human strays they find in the myriad passageways and compartments that make up the vast environment.

I personally thought that Bear let the survival elements of the story play out a bit too long. The final mystery as to what happened to Ship to place it in its current predicament was interesting and had a lot of potential...unfortunately the conclusion reached by Teacher as to the agency behind Ship’s difficulties, though very intriguing, seemed to come out of nowhere given the relatively sparse build-up given to the clues that led to his intuitive leap. I thought more fleshing out of that aspect of the story and a little less emphasis on the survival part would have been an advantage. Overall a fun read, though not earth-shattering by any means.