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So far a placeholder account and part of the great Goodreads Diaspora of '13. We'll see how things go over there...and by extension over here.
Age 40 , Male , Toronto, ON
My rating system is generally as follows:

1 * - I hated it, couldn't finish it, or in some other way ran screaming from this book. Avoid it.

2 * - It was ok, at least I didn't have the reaction for 1 *, but my response was more or less "meh".

3 * - This was a decent read, maybe it even bordered on really good, but something about it held me back from real enthusiasm. It's definitely not a waste of your time.

4 * - Bordering on greatness. The book pushed my buttons in almost all of the right places and I'd likely read it again given the opportunity.

5 * - A classic or personally world-changing book. Something I will come back to again and again and that did what it set out to do with panache and true awesomeness.