Complete Works - Eugène Vinaver, Thomas Malory As far as I'm concerned this is the edition of Malory's _Le Morte D'Arthur_ to read. The Middle English is really not so foreign that it requires 'translation' and even modernizing the spelling seems a bit superfluous to me as I felt the archaic spelling added to my immersion in the stories.

Malory is certainly not an easy read however, and his repetitions and digressions can become a bit tiring to the modern reader at times. That said, if you approach the text as a series of linked tales as opposed to one monumental novel (though there is indeed an overall story arc) it is much more easily digested. Many of the greatest moments for me were those that 'strayed' from this overarching narrative and simply told of interesting characters and wonderful scenes. These included the tragic brothers Balin & Balan, Gawain's courteous younger brother Gareth, and Sir Tristram's unlucky rival Palomides.

An enjoyable read and certainly required for any serious student or aficionado of Arthuriana.