Caldé of the Long Sun - Gene Wolfe I think this is where the books of the Long Sun really start to fall apart for me. Up to this point I can take the amount of Patera Silk that Wolfe is dishing out, but Calde presents me with a brick wall. Wolfe has an annoying habit in most (all?) of his books of presenting mundane aspects of his characters lives in nauseating detail and then completely skipping over the "fun stuff" (basically any battles, action bits, or really important and revealing conversations) and then referring to them second-hand and in piecemeal flashbacks. Sometimes I can deal with this, but in the Long Sun books it just becomes too much for me. Patera Silk just annoys the hell out of me and the secondary characters aren't really enough to keep me fully engaged (as they often are in other Wolfe books). I mean, how can you take a generation starship story with digitized people turned into gods, robotic armies, political revolution, bodysnatching psychotic teenage clones, and vampiric, shapeshifting aliens and make it boring? Wolfe somehow manages it here.